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Securities tax: statute of limitations risk and opportunity

From the desk of Ross McGill, Chairman, TConsult Claiming the due entitlement to lower rates of income withholding tax under double taxation treaties and the legislation of some issuer countries is fraught with difficulty. Complex networks of intermediaries leads to entitlements being...
Time to take the UMR Margin Survey 2020?

As part of Margin Reform's ongoing strategy to support and influence the financial services industry, the firm has been assisting Institutional Investor educational events and several market participants across their Uncleared Margin Rules change delivery programmes. Given the recent...
Securities Finance: A Journey Through Time - Building on the Past

Supported by EquiLend, this white paper has been prepared by securities lending specialists Pierpoint Financial Consulting. The first in a series of three papers exploring operational efficiency in the securities finance industry, it covers the back story of the securities finance industry from the...
Collateral: A Different Lens

From the desk of Shaun Murray, Managing Director and CEO, Margin Reform The Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) which apply to non-centrally cleared derivatives will enter the final two phases of implementation on 1 September 2021 (phase five) and 1 September 2022 (phase six). While the original...

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Centralized Collateral Not Clearing

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Fund Administration in the Alternative Investment Industry

Financial Services in Crisis: Operational Risk Management to the Rescue!

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