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The best things in life are dirty

Blain's Morning Porridge  "The best things in life are dirty - the worst thing in life is being content, without a cent.."  Sorry for the delayed Porridge, but other "stuff" had to take precedence this morning! As I was sitting waiting, I was wondering what to write about… The...
If even Amber Rudd knows it

Blain's Morning Porridge "The nature of Monkey was… irrepressible!"  I don't think I've ever started the Morning Porridge with a quote from a politician, but if even Amber Rudd knows it, then why don't the rest of the Tories get it? "It is not enough to be told to shut your eyes,...
Stocks are on a roll. Why?

Blain's Morning Porridge  "We are looking to lead the debate and discussion of wider regulatory issues…" Apologies for lack of comment yesterday. I was out on a sailing day raising money for Wessex Heartbeat, a most excellent charity who provide care and support for all those affected by...
Long, but not wrong

View from the Bond Market, by Chris Iggo, Chief Investment Officer Fixed Income, AXA Investment Managers All gone quiet Easy does it Negative yields everywhere  Look at the long end  Effective hedge Duration can be a source of return Barbell Twitter output dips, markets stabilize. Or was it the...
ECB to keep interest rates at zero till at least mid-2020

Every unresolved problem

It is up to all of us

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