Jeremiah Associates LLC
New Associates: Intro to Financial Services Industry
Feb 24, New York City
Apr 20, New York City
Jul 27, New York City

A productive staff is of utmost importance as the already complex financial services industry becomes more so in response to investor demand, striving for best practices and evolving regulations. To assist you in this goal, Jeremiah Associates has developed a program that will give your new associates a solid understanding of the financial services business. This highly interactive ten-day program presents two foundation tracks: banking and securities. Topics reflecting current industry practices are presented in a clear, concise and engaging format. Our objective is to prepare your staff to “hit the ground” running and position them to make a contribution to your business.

Each program track begins with a review of the core business activities and significant historical industry events that establish the scope, types and pace of change. The focus is US-centric with contrasts to global equivalents throughout the curriculum.

Banking Track
The banking track examines the business infrastructure including the Federal Reserve, typical bank structures, revenues, financial, payment systems, and personal and commercial services. We conclude with a review of the current and evolving regulatory structure providing governance oversight.

Securities Industry Track
The securities industry track explores the primary investment asset classes, participants, markets and trade lifecycle for a bond, equity and derivative investment. Each topic is initially presented on an introductory level and expanded to address more complex concepts and processes.

Learning Activities
Learning activities are integrated into the curriculum to build on topics covered with an associated case study, research or project assignments. This results in discussions, reports or individual or team competitions. These activities engage the participants in the learning process and en

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