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Global Corporate Actions Processing
Nov 19, New York City
Dec 10, New York City
Jan 16, New York City
Feb 13, New York City
Mar 12, New York City
Apr 16, New York City
May 14, New York City

Processing cross-border corporate action events is challenging. From the timely receipt of the event details to creating the �golden copy� requires patience and fortitude. And that�s just the start. You also need to ensure accurate trade processing, a process to advise the client, receive instructions when required form the client and then make the deadlines to submit the position for processing. This program will lead you through the process flow, from announcement of the event to market data vendors to intermediaries and finally to the investors. See how basic data is enhanced to create useful information for investors. Examine marketplace practices and events to get a broad perspective of global processing. Hear about the latest industry efforts to standardize and enhance global events processing.

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